sunnuntai 8. helmikuuta 2015

The Suitcase - or Destination Obsession

This old suitcase is a mobile representation of what 

is sometimes called destination obsession – the idea of 

waiting for something to happen, something to pass, end, 


The suitcase contains all the weight of being in a constant

state of in-between and the intermediary.

The suitcase wants you to unpack it, to open it, to let out all 

the burdens you're carrying in vain or for a reason. It wants 

you to take your time to breathe, stop, think. It wants you to 

let go and rest.  

Can you do that - can you open the suitcase, or are you afraid of what its contents might 

force you to face; are you obstinately going to continue to carry whatever burdens you, 

waiting for a miracle to happen? 

(I couldn't open the suitcase, I made this very quick video and blog instead. I'm sorry for the sketch-like quality, but that's just me - in a constant state of in-between and the intermediary. Maybe next week I'll take the suitcase out with me and let other people decide what they will do about it. Would you like to be one of them?)

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