tiistai 31. maaliskuuta 2015

On painting and breaking up with myself

I've recently noticed something about my way of painting. Even though I'm not part of the diginatives' generation, I approach my paintings like they were done on computer. 

I like cropping, rotating, and playing with layers. Sometimes I also like to play with the colour adjustment buttons (but I don't do that often; somehow it seems like a betrayal - I don't know why :))

I'm especially into cropping. Fully sized paintings simply seem boring to me (and I'm only talking about my own paintings here! I love the fully sized works of my colleagues!). Maybe it's because of my lacking arrangement skills or something, but I get fascinated about details. 

Right now I'm having a rough patch in my personal life. A midlife crisis, possibly, and a (hopefully not permanent) loss of self-confidence as an artist and a human being. (This often happens to me in spring, though, so it might be over by summer :))

While Waiting for the Sun, I'm painting my anxiety on paper.

Breaking up with myself 1, watercolour on paper + cellphone selfie, 2015
Breaking up with myself 2, Watercolour on paper, 2015

Runner-ups, watercolour on paper, 2015
Near-death mask this morning, watercolour on paper, 2015.

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